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My intention in writing this blog has always been about exploring how the Pathwork teachings are being expressed in my everyday life. Sometimes I’m diving into fear, anger, doubt, or sadness. Other times I’m celebrating inspiration, creativity, spiritual insight, gratitude, or great joy.


It is always a great pleasure and a powerful spiritual practice to reflect on how the Pathwork wisdom informs the ups and downs and twists and turns of my life through this blog — and to receive your comments about how your life expresses something similar.


Just as the breath has an inhale and an exhale, there are times when we are expanding, creating, learning and growing, and other times when we are contracting, deconstructing, falling apart, letting go, and dying to what we have previously known.


Our task is to welcome and honor the value and significance of each phase. But if we slow down enough to really notice these rhythms, we find that in-between each cycle of in-breath and out-breath there is….


a Pause.


A time for rest. A time when nothing in particular is called for, when nothing is wanted or needed. This time is neither good nor bad, positive or negative, right or wrong.


It just is.


My life is in the Pause right now. I have no tales of struggle and pain to share with you, no great joys to celebrate and inspire you. It is an extraordinarily ordinary time of contentment, quiet, and peace.


OK, so there is a small voice inside that says, “this can’t be right, you can’t be comfortable with this. If you give in to this impulse you will go inside your cave and never come back out and engage with the world. You will just disappear.”


But mostly I know that this time really is just right. It is part of the natural rhythm of Life, and it can be trusted. Not only trusted, but enjoyed. I can soak up a whole lot of nothing right now, because I am sure that right around the corner there will be more expansion, more contraction, more Life to be lived.


So today’s blog will be short on words, as too many words would not be an honest expression of what is true for me today. Silence is a welcome companion for me lately.


Even so, I’d still love to hear from you and how Life is teaching you these days.


  • Are you in the midst of an expansion? A contraction?

  • Or possibly an extraordinarily ordinary Pause?

  • What is this present moment …now… offering you if you just slow down to listen?


And are you able to trust it?