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Change. Flow. Trust. Delight.


As part of my January ritual of looking forward to embrace the new year, I have made it a practice to meditate to find a word that chooses me for the year. It has been a fruitful practice, and I find that how I interpret the meaning of that word shifts as the year progresses.


This year as soon as I tuned in, the word “Change” came to me. Thinking that it came too quickly to have come from deep within, I continued my inquiry. Eventually, I heard four words: Change, flow, trust, delight.


Sitting and contemplating these four words, I noticed the words “Change” and “Delight” held the most juice for me. While I do feel like I am in the midst of significant change, the word delight arose quite by surprise!


Why do I usually approach change as if it were something to be dreaded? Whether it is change for the good or change for the not so good, I tend to associate change with stress, anxiety, and loss.


I’m getting ready to put my house on the market and downsize to something smaller. I’ve lived here for 14 years, and my house has  provided a warm and supportive container that has grounded me as I have grown and moved through many changes.


My daughter lived here on and off as she made her way from teenager to adulthood. I bought this house while still a student in the Pathwork Transformation Program, and I will sell it as a Pathwork Helper. My mother lived and died here. A relationship began and ended here. Years of monthly Lecture Studies have transpired in my living room. I have groped and stumbled through the past two tumultuous years of chaos in this country, as I opened more deeply to the truth that we are all interconnected, and that we are each our brother’s keeper.


Joys and sorrows and everything in-between. Soon I’ll be letting go of this house that I love, along with the history, the memories, and the stories that these walls have witnessed.


I am feeling the loss that often comes with letting go. And yet…


Why couldn’t change bring delight?

The Guide reminds us in Pathwork Lecture 183 that  “Change is an integral characteristic of life; where there is life there is unending change. Only those who still live in fear and negativity… perceive change as something that ought to be resisted.”


I think the invitation I received this month was to flow with change, trust it, and delight in the movement of Life that is continually giving birth to new forms, new expressions, new surprises.


And so I’ll be holding these four words close to my heart as I navigate the year ahead, open to the notion that delight is always available if I choose to embrace the ever-changing nature of this amazing life.


How do you relate to change? Does it bring you anxiety or delight?


Is there a word or two that has been calling you in the new year?