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How do I write a blog post on the morning of Wednesday, November 9th, 2016? How can I comment on an election that feels like a dream?


My heart is broken. I am devastated. 


I do not have any words of hope at this time.

I do not have any words of pride at this time.

I do not have any flowery, inspirational, spiritual words to reassure you with.


I am grieving.


I will not spiritually bypass this emotion.

I will not go too quickly to what we need to do next.

I will not sugar coat this.

I will not defend against this emotion.


I will grieve.


I will allow myself to deeply feel this grief, because the Pathwork teaches me to be fully present to whatever arises.

I will allow myself to deeply feel this grief, because if I don’t it will turn to hatred, judgment, hostility–or worse, indifference and despair.

If you are feeling celebratory, or like this isn’t that big of a deal, thats fine. But understand I am not fine. Many Americans and others around the world are not fine.


I am grieving.


I need space to grieve. Don’t tell me to get over it. Please understand there are many people today who feel grief, who feel afraid today. Please be compassionate with them even if you cannot understand or agree with them.


I will rebound.


I always do. But I will not skip over this grief. It’s too important. My grief will honor all those who are disillusioned and afraid they will be marginalized, rejected, discriminated against, objectified. I will honor these people by grieving with them, for them, as them. Because we are all connected. We are all one people. What we do to others we do to ourselves. I will honor this truth.


I will pray.


I will grieve.


And if you feel the same, I invite you to grieve with me. Because a broken heart is an open  heart. And together, if we dive as deeply as we can into our emotions, maybe will will reach a deeper truth. One we can all embrace. One that includes us all.