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Whether you are conscious of it or not, your life is a spiritual journey. If you spend all your years chasing fame, money, status and recognition, it’s still a spiritual journey. If you spend your time hating, judging, and inflicting cruelty, it’s still a spiritual journey.


Most of us spend a good deal of our lives unaware of our enormous potential. We may put forth great effort to achieve or acquire what we think will bring happiness, all the while ignorant of our true power, the Divinity that resides within.


Regardless of what we choose to chase in life, I believe we all feel, at least at times, a universal longing. We may experience it differently, or interpret it differently, but at it’s core it whispers to all of us:


“There is something more to life than what you are currently experiencing.”


We all have an intuitive knowing that another state of consciousness exists, even if we can’t conceive of what that might be like. And we all have a choice. We don’t have to respond with an unqualified “YES!” It won’t make us any better or more worthy than those who say “no.” But the longing that resides in every heart is there to remind us that it is possible to create a rich, fulfilling life far beyond our wildest dreams. The longing is there to invite us to the most meaningful journey we can embark on in this lifetime.


If we choose to say “yes,” we are choosing to commit to consciously walking a spiritual path. We are choosing to live our lives with the intention to connect with the mystery of God, to experience the Divine in everyone and everything, to serve life from the deepest truth of who we are, and to be willing to do all this imperfectly, a spiritual being with human limitations.


In order to align with our Divine Essence, our Real Self, we must be willing to face and accept all aspects of ourselves. Nothing can be ignored, avoided, or excluded. We must travel through and reclaim the layers of pain, darkness, and negativity in order to reveal our spiritual center which is the source of all joy, pleasure, and creativity.


It’s not the path of Rainbows and Unicorns, but it’s not the path of Fire and Brimstone either. We can’t pretend we are exclusively glitter and gold, but we don’t have to submit to our inherent worthlessness or beg and grovel to be saved by some vengeful deity.


We just have to summon the courage to be honest. Vulnerable. Humble. Authentic.


In fact, our willingness to take that first step in faith is what gives meaning, purpose, and a deep sense of integrity to our lives.


It’s very simple, and it’s very challenging. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t sign up for a boring life. And since there is no other path to the center but the one that travels through our distortions, it really is about whether we are ready to say “yes” to the adventure, or continue to insist that there is an easier way, a shortcut to our heart’s desire.


Have you heard that longing? Did you recognize the invitation to the deeper reality that your life can be? Have you RSVP’d?


If you are still in that place where you believe there is an easier way, just know the journey you are called to is an open invitation, and you can accept it whenever and however you wish. Or not at all.


And if you find yourself inclined to dive deep, if you feel ready for challenge, adventure, and discovery, and you don’t want to travel alone, then I have an invitation for you too. I will be launching a course in May for a group of kindred spirits who are ready to supercharge the next leg of their Soul’s Journey. I’ll be sharing more about it in my upcoming blog posts, and registration will open in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!