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  It would be my greatest honor, joy, and privilege to accompany you on the most meaningful journey life can offer.


I began my journey in 1999 as many of us do, when I entered into my “dark night of the soul” and realized I needed some support. Spiritual development was the last thing on my mind.


I just wanted to relieve the pain I was experiencing…

Bring your hunger for a life fully lived. Bring your willingness to find a new perspective. Expect the unexpected.


Beth Brick Bkgrd File-6520I first landed in the 12-step program of Alanon, which continues to inform and guide my life to this day. Among the many valuable lessons I learned in Alanon, I was told I could have a “God of my own understanding,” and so I set out to discover what that would mean to me.


In 2001 I found the Pathwork, and felt immediately drawn to the profound wisdom of these teachings. Walking through the painful aspects  of my life with the guidance of a Pathwork Helper and the support of kindred spirits in the Pathwork community, I learned what it means and how it feels to live fully with an open heart, and to connect with others from that place.


Difficult relationships were healed or naturally fell away; I entered into new relationships that were deeply intimate, nourishing, and meaningful. I discovered many unconscious negative attitudes and misconceptions I formed in childhood, and how those were creating the life experiences I didn’t really want. I found an environment that allowed me to explore, question, and examine everything I thought I knew about God, and my faith became a lived experience that has continued to grow, evolve and expand to this day. Most importantly I developed a relationship with my self, as I discovered my needs, dreams, and desires, and found the courage to live my truth.


I am not the same person I was when I began this journey, and yet I am more completely myself than I have ever been. Even so, I believe the journey never ends as long as we are alive. I continue to deepen in my understanding and practice of the Pathwork teachings, and am continually amazed at the gems I find along the way.


After over 10 years of intensive study and leadership training in the Pathwork, I completed my Pathwork Helpership Training in 2012.   As a Pathwork Helper, I am not here to tell  you how to live your life or what to believe, but to assist you in uncovering and learning to trust the guidance that lives in your own wise heart. This path requires courage, humility, self-honesty, self-responsibility, and perseverance, but you will not be alone. I bring compassion, presence, and the deep faith in your unfolding potential. Drawing from my extensive understanding of and experience with the Pathwork teachings, I have a keen ability to assist you in identifying and transforming the obstacles that are currently preventing you from living from your Real Self.


As Ram Dass says, “we are all just walking each other home.”

Home, that is, to the Real Self. The deepest truth of who you are.

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, and are willing to give your self fully to the journey, I would love to join you in discovering a life of intimate connection, fulfillment, vitality, and creative expression that is yours to embody.  

Are you ready to go home? 

Let’s Work Together

watercolor-vine-(1)Through the gateway of feeling your weakness lies your strength; through the gateway of feeling your pain lies your pleasure and joy; through the gateway of feeling your fear lies your security and safety; through the gateway of feeling your loneliness lies your capacity to have fulfillment, love and companionship; through the gateway of feeling your hate lies your capacity to love; through the gateway of feeling your hopelessness lies true and justified hope; through the gateway of accepting the lacks of your childhood lies your fulfillment now.” 
                                  ~ Pathwork Lecture 190