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Our world is experiencing a collective dark night of the soul.


I feel angry. I feel afraid. I feel hurt. Not just for myself, but for all those who are being marginalized, oppressed, discarded, discriminated. For all those who will do without so others can have more than they need. For all those who are blind to the truth that we are not separate, and that the harm we do to others we do to ourselves.


I feel deeply called to action these days. 


I also feel the urge to hate, judge, condemn, retaliate. I feel it so strongly sometimes that I act on that impulse, and I revel in the negative pleasure and power and temporary pride I feel as a result. For a moment, I have escaped feeling the pain of what is happening in the world. But my response has added to it.


Then comes the guilt, the shame, the frustration and the self-criticism of not being an effective change agent. What kind of Pathwork Helper am I that I am so reactive? And a voice whispers that I should not answer that call to action, that I should keep quiet unless and until I can only speak from a pure heart. Only when I am perfect should I speak out. Instead, I should retreat and hide so no one will see there still resides a well of negativity in me.


The Pathwork, however, reminds us that it is not our lower self that is the major problem, but our denial of our lower self. When we justify our attempts to defend against pain, when we try to convince ourselves and others that we are our Idealized Self Image instead of complicated, imperfect, human beings we actually facilitate the growth and spread of evil. We become lost in the collective dark night of the soul.


This is how the lower self uses us. It takes our wounding and twists it to justify attacking another, or to keep us quiet, silently colluding with evil while we protect our own fragile egos. Either way, if we allow it, it succeeds in keeping our greatest gifts – our love, our courage and our wisdom – hidden, underdeveloped, and inactive.


And the world so desperately needs our light in these extraordinarily dark times.


If, however, we are willing to show up in our imperfection and do our best to align with Love and truth in the most mundane of our everyday interactions, our stumbles into negativity become just opportunities to heal the pain still unresolved in our souls, and liberate our Light that we have to offer the world. So our work is two fold. Showing up in our imperfection, and then doing the work to compassionately explore that imperfection, as opposed to minimizing it and denying the impact it has on others.


We must be light workers, AND we must do our shadow work.


We must navigate the labyrinth of our inner world to unearth the treasure that we are. In order to be of service to others, we must have the humility to expose our less than admirable aspects, and feel our less than comfortable emotions. All change begins within.


Fortunately, the Pathwork offers exquisite guidance and support in this endeavor. I would be honored to share my experience and my understanding with all of you who might be like to join me on this journey.


Have you struggled in your attempts to respond to suffering, cruelty, and injustice with love and compassion?

Have you felt the longing to bring your Light to the world, and yet get paralyzed in the fear of exposing your darkness?

Would you like to discover YOUR inner treasure?


Together with Sucheta Jain, beginning June 25th I am offering an online Pathwork Group entitled “Shining in the Shadows: Mining the Treasure of Your Inner Landscape.”


It will be a great opportunity discover how you can liberate your Light and effectively navigate this collective dark night of the soul in the comfort of your own home! We’ll combine self study via email teachings with the supportive interaction of a group in video-conference calls and a private Facebook group.


“The aim of finding, understanding, and resolving your hidden conflicts and distortions is to bring you ultimately into contact with the innermost core — with the treasure of divine love, wisdom, and strength that lies embedded in all of you. If this aim is clearly defined, there will no longer be a conflict between spiritual and worldly interests.”    

                                                                                                         Pathwork Lecture 116


I am not willing to stay small. I am not willing to stay silent.

How about you? 


Registration is now open — take advantage of the early-bird discount by registering today!


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