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I have just returned from Brazil, after attending the International Pathwork Conference and spending some time touring this beautiful country. As you might imagine, I am excited to share my experience of the conference with you!


The theme of the conference was “Walking Together,” and it was such a pleasure to walk together with Brazilians and Pathworkers from all over the world. While we did not have as many international attendees as we have in previous conferences, I personally shared time with folks from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Italy, California, Michigan, and New York.


The Brazilians were warm, welcoming and passionate people. The first night several of us arrived in the country, Suzi Fozier – a Helper from Sao Paulo – hosted us at her aunt’s apartment in Rio for a gourmet meal of handmade pasta. We enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and wonderful company with a gorgeous backdrop of a view of the city (including the light from the iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue). It was a gracious welcome that will remain a highlight of my time in Rio de Janeiro. Thank you so much for your hospitality, Suzi!




The conference itself was held at a hotel in Barra de Tijuca, a beautiful beach resort a short distance from the more touristy locations of Copacabana and Ipanema. The opening ceremony gathered well over 300 Pathworkers together for a lively celebration of our intention to walk together as one spiritual community. As you might expect, there was music and dancing and fun shared by all. You can get a taste of the opening festivities via a short video by clicking on the photo below.




I attended several wonderful workshops and learned how the Brazilians are bringing Pathwork into the schools, into counseling settings – working with youth as well as their families – and across the country in general. I even heard talk of bringing Pathwork into prisons. We also heard the latest news from Helpers around the globe via a recorded video-conference call. Hedda Kohler was excited to share with us that she is working on growing a Pathwork region in Germany. It was very moving to see how Pathwork is transforming so many lives in so many corners of the world!


Just click on the photo below and enjoy!


Aside from the wonderful presentations, the meaningful connections, and the beautiful scenery that surrounded me during my stay in Brazil, I am drawn to travel to International Pathwork Conferences because I need to remember that the spiritual work I engage in by studying the Pathwork Lectures is not just for my own personal benefit, but for the benefit of the entire planet, and I am not doing this work alone. The wisdom of the Pathwork Guide continues to spread around the world, touching hearts and transforming lives wherever it is received. That inspires me and gives me hope. At a time in our history that seems so dark, it is heartening to see the light igniting the hearts and souls of so many.


When we dive deeply enough into our own personal transformation, it propels us to engage in the world in a way that can be a catalyst for outer change. This in turn requires that we dive even more deeply into our personal work in order to bring our best to the world.


Eventually we come to know that there is no inner or outer – that is just another illusion of duality, and the deepest truth is that there is no separation, and never was.


Wherever in the world you live, I am grateful for your dedication to your spiritual journey, as it supports the transformation of the entire world. I am honored to be “walking together” with you as we learn from the Pathwork Guide and from one another, even if I have never met you.


Perhaps we will meet at the next International Pathwork Conference?