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“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.” ~ Teilhard de Chardin


The spiritual journey, if sincerely followed, is a path of self-discovery leading us home to our Real Self, and the paradoxical realization that we never really left home to begin with. To once again align with and anchor in the deepest truth of who we are is a precious gift of grace, and while it requires a certain amount of solitude, prayer and inner reflection, most of us were never meant to spend our lives secluded in a monastery or as reclusive hermits in a cave high on a mountain top.


We all need Connection. Communion. Community. We need one another!


If we could have made this journey alone, we would have reached our destination long ago. But just as there are insights that can only be revealed in solitude and silence, there is wisdom that can only be gained when kindred spirits engage in authentic relationship, walking the path together in service of supporting one another’s personal and spiritual growth. Both are essential to the spiritual journey.


Here are some of the invaluable gifts I have received in community:


To know I am not alone. When others share their hopes, fears, sorrows, and disappointments, it gives me the courage and humility to come out of my isolation and share the same. I realize we are really more alike than different.

To be supported.
Walking a spiritual path and facing your shadow self can be challenging. When I feel supported by others deeply committed to holding sacred space for one another to dive into the shadows, I gain the strength I wouldn’t have alone.

To be loved.
When I am willing to reveal the best in me as well as the worst in me, and I am loved anyway, it is profoundly healing. I come to know that I am perfect in my imperfection. When I allow the love of others to fill me, I overflow with love for others.

To be seen.
When I drop my defenses and allow others to see my authentic self, it fills a deep need in my soul to be seen. We all need to be seen.

To be challenged.
While I don’t need advice or a set of rules or list of things I need to change in order to be okay, I do need the loving honesty of others to challenge me to be the best I can be, to encourage me to step into my full potential and shine the light on my error and distortion. I need others to remind me of my divine essence when I have forgotten.

To have fun!
  There is exquisite pleasure, fulfillment, and joy to be found in the intimacy of community, and yes, pleasure is a real need!


Because I passionately believe in the power and the blessings of community to enhance and support our personal and spiritual growth, I offer a FREE monthly A Taste of PathworkLecture Study and Potluck Dinner Presentation. It’s a place to explore the profound wisdom and healing that the Pathwork teachings offer. It’s a place to be accepted, supported and loved just as you are. A place where all of you is welcome. And it’s also a place to question, to challenge and be challenged, and to grow into the fullness of who you most truly are through honesty and self-responsibility.


We’ll be meeting at my home this Sunday, August 16th from 5:00pm – 7:30pm, and this month’s presentation is entitled, “Coming Home to the Real Self.”  We will be exploring Pathwork Lecture 83: The Idealized Self Image. You can download the Lecture for free by clicking here.   If you will be staying for dinner please bring a dish to share.


I would love to have you join me and this community of adventurous souls as we co-create a sacred space to explore how we can apply these teachings to our everyday lives. Whether you are new to the Pathwork or have been studying the teachings for a period of time, you have something to offer and something to receive by participating in community! If you can’t make it for this month’s gathering, be sure to sign up for my list to hear about the dates that we will be getting together in the months ahead.


Coming Home to Real Self


To RSVP for this Sundays A Taste of Pathwork, please contact Beth at: bethhedquist@gmail.com.


I look forward to connecting with all of you!