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With the Christmas Holidays behind us, I find myself looking ahead to the New Year.


While many people have conflicting feelings about New Years Resolutions, I still find it useful to contemplate what I would like to create in the coming year. The only difference is, I no longer have interest in a list of self improvement goals that I will attempt to check off using the force and determination of my self-will.


So in my reflection this year I realized that I’m not looking for what “I” want to create.


“I,” as in my ego self.


Instead, I’m looking to intuit how Life wants to be lived through me, and how “I” can support the miracle of the Life that moves in me and effortlessly manifests in a myriad of ways when “I” surrender to its unfolding.


This feels so much gentler, so much more inviting, and so much more awe-inspiring. Rather than the drudgery of fighting with myself to do what I think I should do, and then falling short of that goal a few weeks later, I can relax and get curious about what new possibilities are longing to arise.


As the Christmas story reminds us, we are called to give birth to something new, not to improve our Idealized Self Image.


When I settle into the beauty and rightness of this more sacred vision, something else arises. I begin to feel the part of me that isn’t quite on board with this plan — the part of me that wants to sabotage Life’s unfolding. It’s hiding somewhere quietly in the shadows, but its there.


The Pathwork teaches us that peering into the shadows is the proper use of our will. When we feel the call to serve Life instead of our own ego-gratification, responding to that call requires our full attention, self-responsibility, and self-honesty. It is not enough to think beautiful thoughts and aspire to spiritual heights. We are invited to acknowledge and transform the obstacles inside us that would intentionally prevent the Light that we are from shining in the world.


I’ve taken a deep dive into the Pathwork teachings of Negative Intention this year, and while not always comfortable it has blessed me with a clearer understanding of how I am the Captain of my fortune — and my misfortune. I may not be able to control much of what others do, but the ways I contribute to and respond to my experience determines the degree to which I will feel safe, connected, and fulfilled.


If I choose to ignore the less flattering truths about myself, they will inevitably show themselves in my life in ways that are painful, conflictual, and increase separation.


On the other hand, when I drop my defenses and anchor in the truth and vulnerability of my Real Self, I have what it takes to face any negativity that lives in me, and I will be capable of responding to people and situations in a way that promotes peace, harmony, and healing. 



Have you thought about what you’d like to be a mid-wife (or mid-husband) to in the New Year?

Are you willing to face whatever remains in you that might serve as an obstruction to that new birth?


If you are ready to say “Yes to your “No,” stay tuned because very soon I will have some exciting news about a new online course I will be launching to support you in transforming the negativity that would prevent you from bringing your greatest gifts into the world this year.


It’s called Saying “Yes” to your “No”: Four Steps to Overcoming Negativity and I can’t wait to share the details with you soon!


In 2018,

  • I WANT to see my negativity.
  • I WANT to view self-responsibility as a privilege rather than an obligation.
  • I WANT to compassionately embrace and transform everything in me that is still choosing to say NO to Spirit.

I would love to have you join me. It will be a great way to start the year, as the work is so powerful when we choose to do it together in community!