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Pursue your spiritual journey with others, and watch the effectiveness of your work expand exponentially!

Whether you prefer to work with me individually or in a group setting, the issues that arise while in relationship often mirror the issues that need clarification in our daily lives.

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I work with individuals in numerous ways to explore the Pathwork teachings, each designed to offer the wisdom of this work matched with your preferred style of learning and current level of comfort. Experience the depth of self-discovery that emerges from  sharing yourself with another as you empower your innate ability to intimately connect with yourself, others, and the God of your understanding!


Where would you like to begin?

Individual Sessions


watercolor-vine-(1)On the path of deep personal and spiritual development, it is essential to have the guidance of a seasoned traveller who is also walking the path and has already encountered many of the obstacles one finds along the way.

My commitment to you as a Pathwork Helper is to create a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental container where you can begin to peel away the layers that prevent the full expression of your heart’s desire.

I will be an objective, compassionate companion as you navigate your unique path. There will be space to open to the full range of your emotions, and explore any misconceptions, defenses, and destructive behavior patterns that are no longer serving you.

We will work with the Pathwork teachings to help you experience, not just understand, what stands between you and your deepest longings. This mind/body/spirit approach extends beyond traditional “talk therapy” methods to foster lasting transformation.

Each individual session, either in person or via Skype, is time just for you, and I will meet you where you are. You will progress at your own pace, as you feel ready. As you meet and reconnect with all the disowned parts of yourself, you will develop the capacity to embrace self-acceptance and the courage to live in truth and integrity.

Contact me at bethhedquist@gmail.com  to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if individual sessions are right for you!

Intensive Retreat


watercolor-vine-(1)Are you looking to jumpstart your journey? Have you been on the path awhile, and feel as if you have hit a wall? Would you like an extended period of time reserved just for you, where you can go deep inside and not have to worry about putting it all back together and going home to take care of others?


An Intensive Retreat is one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself.


It is a gift that will reap rewards for months after you return home.  I can custom design and facilitate a retreat to meet your specific needs for where ever you currently are on your path. This is your time to unplug, unwind, slow down, and become present to that still small voice inside. It is an opportunity to detach from the “doing,” and settle into the “being.” Time in silence will be alternated with time spent in session to support a deeply transformative experience.


Your retreat can be held at the destination of your choice. Come to Madison, Va. and I’ll host your retreat in person at Sevenoaks Retreat Center. Choose a retreat space close to your home, or rent a cottage or cabin somewhere secluded, and we’ll utilize Skype for the session time.


The optimal time spent on retreat is three to four nights, but we can tailor a retreat for any time frame.


You deserve it, and you are worth it!


Contact me for details, and we can begin planning this sacred space for you to blossom!

 bethhedquist@gmail.com. Or call 804-928-3189

“A Taste of Pathwork” Potluck Dinner Series


watercolor-vine-(1)Whether you are new to Pathwork and want to get a taste of what these teachings offer, or interested in enhancing your Pathwork experience by coming together in spiritual community to share with others, this free lecture series has something to offer everyone!

We gather together at my home monthly on a Sunday evening for a Pathwork presentation, where we delve into a Pathwork lecture through discussion and experiential exercises. Stay afterwards and enjoy a potluck dinner and fellowship!


I would love to have you join me in a relaxed, fun, casual atmosphere as we learn to incorporate this wisdom into our daily lives. I recommend that you read the assigned Lecture ahead of time to get the most out of the evening, but this is not a requirement.

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Please join us for our next Taste of Pathwork! Go HERE for the calendar to RSVP.

Groups and Workshops


watercolor-vine-(1)Are you interested in sharing your journey of profound, lasting transformation with others committed to the same path? Are you willing to give your utmost and then some in the quest for reclaiming your truth, integrity, serenity, self-respect, and joy? Are you ready for the challenge of facing everything that stands in the way of this ideal?  Can you imagine receiving the amazing gift of being loved just as you are, warts and all?


If so, then I invite you to join me at one of the workshops or groups I periodically offer.  You’ll find a depth of intimacy, acceptance, and support in these groups that is remarkable. You’ll receive insights that register not just in the intellect, but in your heart and every cell of your body. You’ll learn practical Pathwork concepts and practices that you can incorporate  into your everyday life. All offerings are open to curious explorers as well as seasoned Pathworkers.

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Bring your courage, your honesty, your self-responsibility, and your longing for a new perspective on life. Expect the extraordinary!

Check the calendar for upcoming events!

Visit my Online Resources page for group and self-study options!

watercolor-vine-(1)“Let me present these three paradoxical aspects:
(1)  Only you yourself can effect your salvation.  It is your responsibility.
 (2)  You cannot possibly do it alone.  You need the help of others who share the journey with you, who may often see what you do not see.
(3) Without God, without the personal assistance of the personal aspect of God, the undertaking is too vast for you to accomplish.”
                              ~ Pathwork Lecture 258

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