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What Does Your Bridge Look Like?

It appears we are at a time when we are collectively suffering from the walls we have built inside ourselves, walls that separate us from our deepest nature, from our brothers and sisters, from the natural world, and from God. The Lower Self voices that invite us to hopelessness and despair are not telling the truth. The truth is we can tear down our walls and begin building bridges. What will your bridge look like?

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Upcoming Pathwork Events!

This February, join me for the new Pathwork group forming Feb. 28th! Entitled “Bridging the Divide: A Shared Journey to Reveal our Fundamental Unity”, we will explore together how we can heal the obstacles that prevent deep heart connections. Registration deadline is Feb. 21st, so reserve your space today!

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Standing at the Crossroads of Spirituality and Politics

I have struggled with how and whether to express my political views –or not– here on this blog.

Will I alienate or offend someone? Is there a place for politics on a spiritual blog? Am I overreacting to the emotional climate of the current political landscape? How can I offer something inspirational and hopeful when much of the time I feel frightened and hopeless? This is what I know for sure…

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The Messiness of New Birth

Don’t you hate those perfect Christmas letters, the ones enclosed in the perfect Christmas card, bragging about their children’s accomplishments, awards, and extracurricular activities, the fabulous trips they have taken over the year, and all the wonderful things they are grateful for?

The reality is Christmas speaks of new birth, and the act of giving birth is a messy thing. It usually isn’t wrapped in ribbons and bows, awards and accolades and accomplishments. And it’s the most meaningful mystery of life we came to this earth to express.

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The Fear Beneath the Fun

Halloween is a fun time to dress up in scary costumes, collecting candy and enjoying the pseudo-comfort of laughing at and making fun of our fears and our darkness. As if they didn’t really exist.

Underneath the fun and celebration, what we most deeply fear is that we are these skeletons, these demons, these ghosts. We fear that we are just an empty shell of bones, the overwhelming cruelty and evil of our hidden demons, or a collection of thoughts that are dissociated and disconnected from our bodies.

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Returning to the Peace That Underlies All Fear

Fear. Anxiety. Despair.

Have you been feeling any of these recently? I’ve seen and heard enough in everyday life and in the news encouraging and exacerbating these emotions lately. And it’s all too easy for me to numb these feelings out by getting busy and staying busy.

So I went on a much anticipated two week vacation to California, where I could slow down and immerse myself in nature and spend time with loved ones. A time to get away from doing and enjoy being.

And it was amazing how I could exchange busy-at-work with busy-at-vacationing.

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