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Navigating the Collective Dark Night of the Soul

Have you struggled in your attempts to respond to suffering, cruelty, and injustice with love and compassion?

Have you felt the longing to bring your Light to the world, and yet get paralyzed in the fear of exposing your darkness?

The world is experiencing a collective Dark Night of the Soul. Discover how you can liberate your Light and effectively respond in these challenging times.

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Upcoming Pathwork Events!

Whether you are new to the Pathwork or have been studying the teachings for awhile, I’d love to have you join me for this month’s “A Taste of Pathwork” presentation entitled, “The Rebel and the Rule Follower.” And be sure to check out the new online Pathwork group that is forming, entitled, “Shining in the Shadows: Mining the Treasure of Your Inner Landscape.”

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What Does Your Bridge Look Like?

It appears we are at a time when we are collectively suffering from the walls we have built inside ourselves, walls that separate us from our deepest nature, from our brothers and sisters, from the natural world, and from God. The Lower Self voices that invite us to hopelessness and despair are not telling the truth. The truth is we can tear down our walls and begin building bridges. What will your bridge look like?

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Standing at the Crossroads of Spirituality and Politics

I have struggled with how and whether to express my political views –or not– here on this blog.

Will I alienate or offend someone? Is there a place for politics on a spiritual blog? Am I overreacting to the emotional climate of the current political landscape? How can I offer something inspirational and hopeful when much of the time I feel frightened and hopeless? This is what I know for sure…

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