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In this fast paced, achievement oriented, technologically based, sound-bite delivered society, we can easily hide behind masks that keep us detached from the deep connection that fills our lives with meaning.

When we come together to join in the sacred commitment to truth and authenticity, we experience the reality of our interconnectedness.

It is love that heals…

Summon the courage to face and feel all aspects of your being with compassion, love, and acceptance.

The Pathwork® is a spiritual path of self-purification and self-transformation based on the teachings Eva Pierrakos delivered from 1957 to her death in 1979. Pathwork lays the groundwork for the sacred journey to union by giving us practical tools and practices to identify, examine and own those parts of us that are not in union – the parts of us that may be fearful, hopeless, judgmental, selfish, or untrustworthy.


Pathwork is grounded in the experience of meeting heart to heart, soul to soul, where Spirit is present in the honest, vulnerable interaction of kindred spirits committed to personal and spiritual development.


Although many spiritual paths feature practices to transcend our human limitations, the Pathwork is unique in its strong emphasis on the task of purification and transformation of our shadow side, or Lower Self. This in turn builds a dependable foundation for authentic experiences of transcendence and unity.


Since the Pathwork is a path of transformation as well as transcendence, the work of illuminating and transforming the shadow side is not the final objective. It is the means by which we reveal and come to identify with and live from the vibrantly alive, expansive, loving, divine spark in each of us. 


Pathwork is taught experientially as well as conceptually, with a strong focus on becoming grounded in the body, which enables us to develop an awareness of the connection between energy and consciousness. It is not dogmatic; no belief is either required or excluded. However, one is asked to keep an open mind and be willing to examine existing beliefs.


The Pathwork has evolved into a worldwide spiritual organization, with chapters in many countries.

When you join a Pathwork group or begin individual sessions, you are joining an international spiritual community of souls dedicated to healing and awakening all beings.

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“When the path opens up from within you, you begin to experience, maybe for the first time in your life, your own potential of being, your own divinity.  You will feel your potential for pleasure and security, awareness of yourself and others, and therefore your infinitely greater power to relate to others, comprehend and be with them without fear.”
–Pathwork Lecture 204