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Unlock the keys to creating a life of deep purpose, meaning and integrity.

Feel grounded, alive, and fully present in your body.

Discover what makes your heart sing, and how to live your passion.

Identify and heal destructive patterns and misconceptions that are sabotaging your happiness.

Share your journey and feel supported by a community of kindred spirits committed to a path of personal and spiritual transformation.

Are you ready for a life of adventure as you embark on an inward journey of self discovery?

“You are a great deal more than you can possibly believe now. If you walk in the direction of finding your real self ...you must discover the unending beauty of the universe.”

--Pathwork Lecture 208

Discover the Path

Do you feel the longing for a life more fully lived? Can you imagine meeting life authentically, without pretense, defense, shame, or fear?  Would you like to experience more love, pleasure, joy, and serenity? It’s not only possible, it’s who you most truly are! Take the first step today….

My Journey

Your life, however it may look today, carries within it the seeds of everything you would like it to be. When you learn to translate the messages your current experience is attempting to convey to you, you will have entered the gateway to a whole new world, a world of infinite possibilities…

Let's Walk Together

Pursue your spiritual journey with others, and watch the effectiveness of your work expand exponentially! Whether you prefer to work with me individually or in a group setting, the issues that arise while in relationship often mirror the issues that need clarification in our daily lives…

The Pathwork Story

The Pathwork® has evolved into a worldwide spiritual organization, with chapters in many countries. When you join a Pathwork group or begin individual sessions, you are joining an international spiritual community of souls dedicated to healing and awakening all beings. 

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Join the Conversation…

Have Faith in Your Doubt

My prayer and invitation to you today is that you risk feeling the vulnerability and the humility required to have faith in your doubt. Let it introduce you to a whole new world, one that has always been here right before your eyes.

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Do You Suffer From the Affliction of Comfort?

Gauging the progress of your spiritual development based on the degree of comfort you experience can be a distortion. Is there an area of your life where you have become too comfortable? Have you turned away from a part of yourself that you would rather not face? Consider the notion that you are not here just to comfort the afflicted parts of you, but to afflict the parts that have become too comfortable.

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