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“In great deed, something abides. On great fields, something stays. Forms change and pass, bodies disappear but spirits linger to consecrate ground for the vision place of the soul. And reverent men and women from afar and generations that know us not and that we know not of, shall come here to ponder and to dream and the power of the vision shall pass into their souls.”                

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain



I’ve been living and working at Sevenoaks Retreat Center almost two months now. While I’ve been coming here frequently for almost 20 years, living here has afforded me an opportunity to slow down and experience this sacred slice of heaven in a whole new way.


I never noticed how abundant and varied the wildlife is. I’ve walked by but never seen the funny tree that had to grow sideways to find the light. I’ve discovered trails I’ve never walked before. After all this time, I’m falling more deeply in love with this land as I watch the ever-changing nature of life unfold with each passing day. And in paying more attention, life generously and unconditionally offers its radiance to me. I am blessed.














I’ve been thinking of the many people who have passed through this place over the 45 plus years this land has been a refuge for healing, transformation and spiritual development. I’m feeling gratitude for the many, many people who have invested their time, talents, treasure, love and prayers into this land. They have made it the spiritually seasoned and deeply nourishing sanctuary that continues to benefit me and so many others. I hope that my time here will also benefit individuals for years to come. I passionately believe in the Pathwork and Sevenoaks. The world is a better place because we are here, I am sure of it.


We are not just a piece of land and a body of spiritual teachings, beautiful and powerful as they are. We are a patchwork tapestry of everyone and everything that has ever been a part of this work and this land, and everyone who will join us in the future. We are the best and the worst of what it means to be spiritual community.


As we move into the season of Thanksgiving and gratitude, I invite you to reflect on how the Pathwork and/or Sevenoaks has opened your heart and revealed your Spirit. How has your unique thread woven into and through this rich tapestry we call the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork?


The Mid-Atlantic Pathwork and Sevenoaks has recently launched their fall fundraising campaign, and as a non-profit we count on the generosity of many to continue our mission. Would you be willing to read the attached letter and consider a donation to support us as we continue to serve the countless people that will drive down our driveway in search of themselves?


A gift in any amount would be greatly appreciated.


I extend my deepest gratitude and blessings to you, and my sincerest wish that you soak in the blessings of this season of abundance. 


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