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Amidst the ups and downs of the apparent story of our life, I believe we each have a deeper purpose, a greater story waiting to be discovered and told.


We are here to claim, embody, and bring forth the unique divine spark that resides in each one of us. And we can spend our entire lives searching for that divine spark, searching for our gifts, searching for our purpose, and get so addicted to the searching that we never make the transition to the finding, and the fulfillment that results from giving that to others. I call it the “addiction to unfulfillment.” Often we first recognize it in our attempt to find something outside ourselves that will finally make us complete.


Have you ever experienced an “addiction to unfulfillment” in your life? That feeling that you get from reaching for something you can just never quite grasp?


Maybe it manifests as that story book relationship that will one day make you whole. Or the job that will finally fulfill your creative and financial longings. Possibly you are seeking that final spiritual awakening, the one that will bring eternal bliss. Or maybe you ache to find your true purpose in life.


What keeps you from claiming the truth of who you are right now, and giving that to the world? What is it that keeps you seeking, longing, reaching for something that will finally render you good enough, so that you never claim the greatness that you already are?


I periodically come face to face with my “NO” to God, to others, and to life. I can cower in lower self fear, which serves as a great diversion from the responsibility I have to embody my gifts and share them with others. The dark voices of doubt and negativity can whisper their voices so cleverly that I sometimes don’t even realize I’m listening to them. Lurking in the background, they have more power when they don’t have my conscious attention. They become particularly active when I feel called to take a deeper dive into my personal work. When faced with stepping further into the light, the darkness rears its ugly head and dares me to continue on my path.


The truth however, is that I always have a choice. I can choose to face my fear of the darkness that guards the gateway to my treasure, or I can turn away and betray my light. I can embrace all of who I am with humility and compassion, or turn away and abandon what I have come to this lifetime to learn and to share. It is not always an easy choice.


Pathwork Lecture 254 tells us:


“You need active, positive aggression to never allow the dark forces within you to conquer you, or make you believe all is futile, or convince you to give in to their hopelessness and false surrender.”


So how does one summon that active positive aggression?


How does one summon the courage to let go of the seeking, and step into the claiming?


There are lots of things that can support me in this endeavor, but there is one aspect that is often overlooked. In order for me to face the challenge of my negativity and rise up to meet it, I find it helpful and even necessary to connect deeply with my conviction that we are all connected, that we are here to serve a higher purpose, and that the work of personal transformation is not done for the singular purpose of acquiring a little more happiness for myself, but it is in service of the evolution of consciousness. Without being connected to a larger purpose, my little ego doesn’t have the courage necessary to embrace my gifts. I CAN’T do it by myself. Yet when I anchor in the sacred purpose of my life’s calling, I draw on the support of my Higher Self, my brothers and sisters on the path, and the spiritual support that is there for the asking. And then anything is possible.


I recently returned from an amazing three week pilgrimage to Italy. I have had time to rest, reflect, and integrate the insights, the pearls of wisdom, and the moments of clarity I was graced with. And while those lower self voices will make themselves known from time to time, I’m excited to have the opportunity to share with you all I have received.


You see, we are all always traveling along our individual soul’s journey, our own pilgrimage of life, and the gifts we have to bring to the world are not out there somewhere, but as close as the beat of our heart, waiting for us to release our addiction to unfulfillment and recognize just how important each one of us are to each other.


I challenge you to join me in this sacred journey to be one small part of the evolution of consciousness on this planet.


You are really that important!