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Underneath all your successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses, loves and hates lies the core of your being that is not defined by anything you have done or failed to do – or anything that was done to you. It can’t be contained by any beliefs about who you think you are. It doesn’t need to be fixed, rescued, or healed. It was never broken.


This precious gem that is your true nature just wants to shine in all its magnificence. To take its rightful place in the wondrous web of interconnection that is the miracle and mystery of Life. And to illuminate this truth to a world moving through a global dark night of the soul.


All religions and spiritual paths invite us on this journey to realize the treasure that we are. It’s easy to say, more challenging to follow the path that leads you to the discovery of a lifetime. And yet reconnecting with and living from your Real Self – your true essence – is the most effective way to live an authentic, grounded, fulfilling life.


The Pathwork’s unique contribution to this journey is that it offers us a remarkable road map with a set of teachings, tools and practices that are very practical and at the same time deeply spiritual.


When we come together with the sincere intention to know the truth about ourselves, we create a powerful sacred container that holds us as we apply Pathwork principles while navigating through the darkness on our way to uncovering the gem that is our Real Self.


That’s why I’m super excited to be offering a new, IN-PERSON group where we can explore this material in an intimate setting that will allow the energy of each individual to amplify everyone’s experience.


No Zoom screens. Real human connection. Aren’t you hungry for that? I know I am!


We’ll work with the Pathwork Lectures, meditation, movement, experiential exercises and examples from your everyday life experiences.


I would be honored to have you join me, claim your brilliance, and share it with the world!

Cost: Early bird rate of $280 if received by April 30th. Late registration: $300.

For questions or to register contact Beth at: bethhedquist@gmail.com.