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Italy is a beautiful country with an ancient history that whispers wisdom and beauty around every bend. The scenery is gorgeous, the pasta delicious, the wine abundant.


Before embarking on pilgrimage to this sacred land, I came face to face with my fear of the unknown, and my discomfort with not being in control of what would unfold. It kept me awake at night for weeks, a mixture of excitement and apprehension I couldn’t shake. And yet somehow I made it here. I’m at the International Pathwork Conference on the sunny Mediterranean coast in a remote area of southern Italy!


Preparing to embrace the unknown

Preparing to embrace the unknown.


Once I had said my goodbyes and boarded the plane, there was no turning back. I struggled to get three or four hours of sleep on the flight, had to navigate an airport in Naples where there weren’t many English speaking staff, and find the people I would travel with by bus to the hotel, many of whom I had only met briefly years ago. Jet lag was my closest companion for three days.


In spite of all that, attending a Pathwork Conference in a foreign country has been a dream of mine that has finally manifested, and that feels very exciting. But what’s next? Where are the lessons the first leg of this pilgrimage is supposed to reveal?


There are eleven countries represented at the conference, a rich mixture of culture, customs, and languages. And each workshop, each meeting, each meditation has been powerful beyond words. When people meet heart to heart–as so often happens at Pathwork gatherings–differences melt away and strangers quickly become family. Even when we don’t speak the same language!


The language of the heart, however, transcends words…if only we will trust it enough to let it lead the way.


Yet somehow, in the midst of all these amazing experiences, I can’t escape the feeling that something larger than any one experience is waiting to be discovered. And I don’t yet know what that is. But of course, I’ve only just begun my journey!


We’ve spent the past few days at the conference exploring our longing for Oneness, and feeling into what that means for each of us.


For me, I experience that feeling of union with all of life by opening as fully as I can to each new moment, without needing to know what it all means. To let go of thinking, understanding and analyzing, and surrender to the experience of the present moment. 


When I do this, I move from fear of the unknown, to delight and awe and excitement of the unknown! Each new moment is a magical, beautiful, surprising gift to unwrap, instead of a monster lurking around the corner waiting to devour me if I am not constantly vigilant. The moment doesn’t change…my perspective does.


stepsWhat is your relationship with the unknown?


Do you perceive it as an enemy or a friend?


Are you able to take that next right step without attachment to the outcome?


I invite you to devote some time today to bring your full presence to the present moment, and see if your perspective shifts. And if fear shows up, welcome that too. Because each moment is a gift, not just the pleasant moments!


As I continue my pilgrimage, I’ll be sharing what I learn in a series of blog posts. I hope you’ll follow along!


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