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The Fear Beneath the Fun

Halloween is a fun time to dress up in scary costumes, collecting candy and enjoying the pseudo-comfort of laughing at and making fun of our fears and our darkness. As if they didn’t really exist.

Underneath the fun and celebration, what we most deeply fear is that we are these skeletons, these demons, these ghosts. We fear that we are just an empty shell of bones, the overwhelming cruelty and evil of our hidden demons, or a collection of thoughts that are dissociated and disconnected from our bodies.

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Returning to the Peace That Underlies All Fear

Fear. Anxiety. Despair.

Have you been feeling any of these recently? I’ve seen and heard enough in everyday life and in the news encouraging and exacerbating these emotions lately. And it’s all too easy for me to numb these feelings out by getting busy and staying busy.

So I went on a much anticipated two week vacation to California, where I could slow down and immerse myself in nature and spend time with loved ones. A time to get away from doing and enjoy being.

And it was amazing how I could exchange busy-at-work with busy-at-vacationing.

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What Does It Mean to You to Live in Integrity?

Integrity. It’s not a word we use all that often when describing someone, and when we do it’s often associated with someone who is “good,” whatever our definition of “good” might be. So what does it really mean to be in Integrity?

For me it means just to simply live my truth. Not just to tell my truth, but to live my truth. When we look around at everything that we think is wrong with this country, this society, and this world, it is easy to find fault and to preach what others “should” do, think, feel, or how they should act.

But how willing are we to practice what we preach?

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Re-Gifting the Treasures of the Pathwork

As I reflect on the recent Pathwork Community Weekend at Sevenoaks Retreat Center entitled, “Making Soul Connections: The Gift of Real Friendship,” I am reminded of the many gifts the Pathwork has given me, and the deep soul connections I share with Pathworkers all over the world. Today I am honored to have the opportunity to re-gift that which was so generously given to me. What are the gifts you have received from the Pathwork?

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Everything You Need Is Already Inside

It’s almost time for the seasons to change. Life is always changing, but there are certain periods when that change seems more apparent, as if moving at a quicker pace. As always, nature has much to teach us about the trustworthy nature of the process of transformation. All we have to do is trust the process, and participate in the miracle.

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Politics as Spiritual Practice

This presidential election has been a very interesting time. Not necessarily in a positive way, but it definitely has not been a ho-hum, run of the mill election. And yet crisis always has the opportunity for growth. I have learned that politics in general, and an election year in particular, is a great opportunity to practice how well I “walk the talk” in my desire to live from a unitive perspective.

Politics as Spiritual Practice. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as my spiritual teachers. Who’d have guessed?

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Is Boredom a Boring Blog Post?

Summer brings back memories of childhood — times when the days were long and warm, the pace slower, and the world simpler. The structure and responsibility of school, homework, and extracurricular activities was temporarily replaced by the joy of chasing fireflies barefoot in the backyard, soaking in the sun at the neighborhood lake, and lying mesmerized on a blanket, counting shooting stars at midnight.

No, I didn’t have a picture perfect childhood by any means, but in those moments, regardless of family dynamics, I was in tune with the life force and I could feel my connection with everything. It was magic.

Periodically though, amidst the magnificence that is a childhood summer, something happened.

I got bored.

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