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With Christmas just over and the New Year right around the corner, I’ve carved out some quiet time to light a candle, curl up with a cup of coffee, and contemplate the journey my life has taken this year, as well as my hopes and dreams for 2019.


Rising before the sun the past couple of days, soaking in the stillness, a space opened for deep gratitude for what I have received from the Pathwork over the years. While people all over have been celebrating the birth of Christ some 2000 years ago in a far away land, I am moved to tears by how blessed I am to have been graced with the truth of the Christ that lives in me. And while just the word “Christ” used to trigger every argument with organized religion I could arm myself with, today I equate it with my re-connection with the Real Self, the deepest truth of who I am.


My Pathwork journey has been an excavation and rich exploration of Images, defenses, and attachment to negativity that obstructed the otherwise obvious treasure that lies within me.


I’m not there all the time, and the excavation continues, but a connection has been established that is strong enough that even when I get lost from time to time, I know where my home is.


This is the promise of the Pathwork. That if you stay true to your sincere longing for truth and for God, it will lead you beyond your broken pieces to the Christ within.


And then all that is left is to allow Life to be created through you, aligned with and devoted to whatever wants to give birth through you, in whatever beautiful and apparently imperfect way that manifests. Along the way the sharp edges of those broken pieces are worn as smooth as sandglass, and contribute to the work of art that you are.


I can unequivocally say that the healing of my connection to the Real Self has been the greatest gift of my life. I look forward to continued exploration, excavation, discovery and adventure, meeting whatever life brings me in 2019. I would love to have you accompany me if you feel so called. You’ll find details on a couple of offerings I have planned for January, both online and at Sevenoaks Retreat Center, here.


What will you do in the new year to forge a stronger connection with your Real Self, the Christ that lives in you? How will you align with and live from the highest truth you know? 


Wherever your path leads you, trust it enough to follow it all the way home. I send you many Blessings and I look forward to the possibility that our paths might cross this year, where we might mirror the truth in one another.