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Sometimes, Life is a little like a fishing trip. We find ourselves hungry for something we are missing that will fill us, we get a craving for that one meal that will finally silence the longing in our belly and leave us satisfied, content, and fulfilled. 


And we decide that we are going to make it happen. We pack up our fishing pole and tackle box and head down to the river. 


We often have a favorite fishing hole, that place we return to again and again in search of the fulfillment of our endless hunger.  We may never have found it there, but this time will be different.


After we bait the hook and set the line, we sit back and tend to the distractions we have brought with us, like our favorite consciousness altering beverage, or the cell phone that will serve up an endless supply of empty data, devoid of true connection. And so we pass the time, sitting and waiting for the big one to finally bite the hook.


When we become frustrated that nothing is appearing on the other end of the line, we get restless, abandon that strategy, jump in and begin swimming upstream in search of our dinner.


If patient waiting around doesn’t produce results, expend more effort! Will it harder! Find that fish and capture it with your bare hands!



I know, it doesn’t sound like the smartest way to catch a fish, but have you ever found yourself engaged in this strategy in your life? Struggling frantically to catch the only thing you believe will satisfy you?



Paradoxically, when you tire of swimming upstream in an effort to find the one true fish, and surrender to the stream of Life and where it wants to take you, you find you flow effortlessly along with the current, and abundance and beauty appears all around you.


You find God in the wild, unruly rapids, the deep, still waters, and the soft, sandy shore. You even find God in the center of your own being as you become one with all of Life. There is no fish to catch, nothing that will finally fill that hole in your belly. And you realize it isn’t necessary anymore.


The joy, peace and fulfillment lie in the surrender to the flow of Life, the joyful aliveness and acceptance of each precious moment, that is not only who you are but what you are here to experience.


This is what you have been hungering for all along. It has always been here, it’s simple, and its your birthright. 


We have all had those moments of flow, of knowing oneness, of experiencing the peace that passeth all understanding. After a period of time it often passes, and the challenge is to return to our daily routine and live from that knowing.


Our task is to get up each day and make choices that align with our knowing, even when the rest of the world appears lost in their own dualistic illusions and fantasies of false fulfillment. Our challenge is to not succumb to the idea that catching that fish is the answer to what we are longing for.


The Pathwork is full of tools, techniques, and practices that facilitate profound transformation. What Pathwork is not is a teaching designed to help you catch your big fish. Because even if you do catch a fish or two, you will always find yourself hungry again, sooner or later.


If you open to it, Pathwork can support and encourage you to jump in the water and get soaking wet, even get tossed around a bit if that is how the river is running, until you find your flow and relax into the stream of Life.


Doesn’t that sound delightful? Won’t you join me? 


I’d love to share your soul’s journey as you navigate the waters of your life. Contact me today to schedule a free 30-minute session to learn how to get started.