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Arriving home from another amazing weekend at Sevenoaks, I am bathed in gratitude at the overflowing richness of this life that I get to live. While I still experience my share of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, I have two things today that I didn’t really have before I discovered Pathwork. 


Roots and Wings.


The profound wisdom that the Pathwork Guide has gifted us with has sprouted roots in me that emerge from my heart and reach down into the ground, anchoring me with a solid foundation beneath my feet. The sacred land at Sevenoaks Retreat Center has held me, nurtured me, and provided the soil for these roots to take hold. The authenticity and intimacy of the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork community (sometimes painfully messy and other times exquisitely sweet) has been the fertilizer that encouraged those roots to dig deep into the ground, giving me the courage to weather the storms of conflict and uncertainty, and to bask in the warmth of pleasure and love.


To feel these roots is to experience the safety and security that is sourced from within.  It is to delight in the weight of love that holds me steady and provides a home for me wherever I may roam.


Paradoxically, these roots make it possible for me to spread my wings and fly.


I’ve always been somewhat of a gypsy spirit, taking off in search of adventure and discovery wherever it called to me, but these wings I’ve grown through my time in the Pathwork have enabled me to fly higher, further and more boldly than I ever dreamed possible.


And so, recently I heard a whisper in the wind, beckoning me to sell my home, put everything in storage, and take off for an extended adventure into the unknown.


The idea blew in quite a bit of fear, trepidation, grief and uncertainty. But my roots held firm, so in spite of swaying back and forth for awhile, I understand that the inner spiritual journey which is calling to me is once again longing to be reflected in the outer manifestation.


Pathwork teaches that the outer and the inner are really just one reality. There is no separation. And while I have landed on an itinerary exploring three months across the United States, the truth is that on a spiritual level I don’t really know where I’m going, what I’ll find when I get there, or how long I’ll be gone.


But this much I know…. Pathwork has enabled me to dream up a life that fills me with delight, love, wonder, and amazement, even if sometimes the day to day experience isn’t always enjoyable. 


Today, I feel such gratitude for my roots and wings, and feel deeply blessed to have been at Sevenoaks this weekend in the presence of three groups of amazing souls growing their roots, spreading their wings, and breaking my heart open with love at what awaits them as they take off and fly.


(You all know who you are!)


We all have a wise voice inside us guiding us. Yours may not be telling you to go rambling across the country, but if you listen closely enough, you can hear what it is calling you to. 


Listen to that voice. Trust it.
It’s calling you to dream up a life beyond your wildest imagination.


And in the meantime, if you’d like to follow my travels, I’ll be writing a separate travel blog which might be more active than this blog for the next three months or so.

I’d love to have you come along for the ride – you can sign up here.