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Shining in the Shadows: Mining the Treasure of Your Inner Landscape

Shining in the Shadows: Mining the Treasure of Your Inner Landscape

Love.   Courage.  Wisdom.


This is your divine essence, who you really are beneath all the layers of mask, pretense, and defense.


Easy to say, but can you feel the truth of that? Or somewhere along the bumpy, twisting road of Life have you lost connection with your Real Self?


Instead, does your journey feel filled with dead ends, wrong turns, painful mishaps? Do you long for more purpose and meaning in your days? Would you like to share that most sacred and precious journey with kindred spirits?


I believe we are all continuously being called back home to our original brilliance. We are called to live life aligned with our integrity and our true power. We are here to discover and transform whatever stands in the way, and to offer our gifts to the world. 


To do this we must embark on a journey below the surface of our consciousness, into the shadows of our psyche where the treasure that we are lies buried and waiting for re-discovery.


This is the place inside you that has never been wounded, broken, or tainted regardless of your life circumstances.


It’s there, shining in the shadows. Waiting for you to embrace what – on some level – you have known all along.


And for all those adventurous souls who would dare to say “Yes!” to that calling, I’m excited to announce that beginning June 25th, 2017 I am forming an online Pathwork group, together with Sucheta Jain, where we can navigate this inner landscape in the company of kindred spirits.



We’ll create an intimate container that will support and challenge us as we experience how the Pathwork teachings can help us peel back the layers of distortion, defense, and misconception to reveal our divine essence.


What will I find along the way?


  • Uncover misconceptions from childhood that are at the root of your life’s creation.
  • Gain clarity about the defenses and destructive strategies that are no longer useful.
  • Strengthen your muscle to tolerate feeling and releasing painful, repressed emotions.
  • Draw on  spiritual support  to align with your Highest Self.
  • Discover the integrity and self-esteem that results from living aligned with truth.



How does the group work?


You’ll engage deeply with this material for eight weeks. You will receive 4 email teachings alternated with 4 video conference calls with Sucheta, myself, and your group members.


In-between you can expect to spend approximately 1 to 2 hours a week on homework – reading, journaling, meditating, and other spiritual practices designed to facilitate an embodied understanding of the concepts.


Each email teaching will address a topic that you will have had time to read and work with privately, on your own schedule. The following week we will gather by video conference to share our insights and work further with the topic. Each week will build on previous concepts we’ve covered. Here’s what the schedule will look like:


Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a reading assignment.

June 25th: You’ll receive your first email teaching,  The Soul’s Journey/Uncovering Hidden Misconceptions.

July 2nd: We’ll join together for our first video conference call and dive deeper into this teaching. A second Lecture will be assigned at the end of the call.

July 9th: email teaching. Meeting The Pain of Destructive Patterns.

July 16th: video conference call.

July 23rd: email teaching. The Importance of Feeling All Feelings

July 30th: video conference call.

Aug. 6th: email teaching. Surrender, and Claim Your Divine Gifts!

Aug. 13th: video conference call.

All video conference calls will be held on Sundays from 3-4:30pm, Eastern Standard Time. Please note this time has changed.



You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where you can share what you’re learning, and receive insight, inspiration, and support from the group. Feel free to check in often, and offer your support to others as well!


Engaging in this work with others significantly increases the impact that these teachings can have in your life. Others serve as mirrors to the blind spots we just aren’t able to see, and model for us how to hold ourselves in love and compassion.


This format combines email teachings, which offer the flexibility of studying at your own pace, and video conference calls, which offer the benefit of interaction with others. The video conference calls will be recorded in case you have to miss one, but your presence is an important part of what unfolds organically on these calls, so you should set an intention to attend as many of these calls as possible. Both the emails and recorded video conference calls will be yours to keep and refer back to as you wish.


You’re going to love this course if….


  • You are ready to take your personal and spiritual growth to the next level, whether you are new to the Pathwork or have been studying these teachings for years.
  • You value both the flexibility of studying at your own pace and the dynamic interaction of sharing with others.
  • You appreciate the diverse experience and wisdom of many spiritual, religious, and cultural perspectives, and feel open and committed to finding your own truth.
  • You are willing to invest the time to complete homework assignments and show up for video conference calls as often as possible.
  • You value honesty, self-responsibility, humility, and perseverance, and are willing to engage with this material aligned with these values.
  • You wish to give as much as you wish to receive. 


This may not be the course for you if….


  • You are looking for a one-size fits all, neatly packaged solution to your problems.
  • You want someone else to give you the answers.
  • You are looking for therapy.
  • You are not interested in stepping out of your comfort zone.


Meet Your Teachers!


Beth Hedquist is a Pathwork Helper with a practice in Glen Allen, Va. She offers individual sessions in person and via Skype, groups, workshops, online programs, and teaches in the Pathwork Transformation Program at Sevenoaks Retreat Center in Madison, Va. In addition to her love of the Pathwork, she is grateful for the 12-step spiritual recovery program of Alanon, which also informs and guides her life.



Sucheta Jain is a Pathwork Helper Trainee, and has been involved with Pathwork for over eight years. She wants to share her passion for personal transformation work with people by bringing Pathwork teachings to them.


What is my investment?


If you’re ready to bring all of who you are to this group, sign up early to receive the early bird discount! From now until Saturday, June 17th, you can join us for:

A one time investment of $125.

Yes! Sign Me Up!

Late registration is $150. The last day to register will be June 23rd.


Still not sure?

Check in with your inner guidance. It knows.

But if there are any lingering questions, contact me today and I’d be happy to clarify any of the details.

*Note: if the day and time of this group isn’t convenient, but you are interested in participating, send me an email. Space is limited to ensure intimacy, but if there is enough interest I’m open to creating another group on an alternate day/time.


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