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Hello my friends,

While it is just the beginning of March, Spring feels like it’s right around the corner and I couldn’t be more ready to welcome in new Life!

The Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Helper Community recently gathered for our quarterly retreat at Sevenoaks Retreat Center, where Louise Del Maestro shared her “Rest” work based on the Living Inquiry work of Scott Kiloby, and we spent the afternoon exploring how our commitment to the Pathwork is manifesting in our lives. Thank you, Louise, for introducing us to this beautiful teaching!


Old and new friends alike gathered this past weekend for an engaging variety of workshops at the Pathwork Community Weekend — a  celebration of our shared longing to deepen personally and spiritually. We will be offering another Pathwork Community Weekend at Sevenoaks July 29-30th, so stay tuned to hear the details on another exciting opportunity to come together to share the beauty of the land at Sevenoaks and the transformative power of Pathwork.


Tuesday night I launched the first meeting of my new Pathwork Group, “Bridging the Divide,” and it was an beautifully intimate beginning as these students each took steps to deepen in their individual soul’s journey.  We’ll be meeting every other week through the beginning of June, and I’m really excited to witness how Spirit will be moving in their lives.


Growth, transformation, and change is all around us at this time of year. The big question is, how will we meet it, how will we support Spirit’s longing to manifest in our lives and on our planet? 


How about you, are you ready for a re-birth? What new life is preparing to emerge in you? 


I’m feeling the shifts in my life and while they aren’t always comfortable, I have a deep knowing that they are trustworthy. And so my prayer for all of you is that you stay attuned to what is being called forth from you in each day, and in each moment. Acknowledge and honor each step in your blossoming into the brilliance and beauty that you are. Your unique gifts are all vitally important, as together we are the instruments supporting the evolution of consciousness in the world.


I send you deep blessings, and look forward to our paths crossing soon!  If you are new to my blog, I invite to to sign up to hear from me, and share your journey with the Sacred Discoveries Community!