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In my last blog post I explored the Pathwork Stage One Commitment, which focuses on the importance of committing to yourself and your own unique spiritual journey. It is the foundation for all spiritual work, the place from which all else springs.


And yet, after you have been on the journey for awhile, you realize that while you are solely responsible for your growth and transformation, you also have a responsibility to your brothers and sisters. You cannot fix or change them (nor do they need fixing or changing), but your wisdom, strength, truth, love and companionship are necessary ingredients in their spiritual evolution, and your growth is inexplicably intertwined with theirs. 


You wake up to the truth that we need each other. We belong to each other.

We are all threads woven together in a beautiful Tapestry. 


At this realization you do not leave the personal aspect of spiritual development, but you expand and include the interpersonal aspect of the journey. You are ready for the Stage Two Commitment.


While the Pathwork Stages of Commitment were delivered specifically for engagement in the Pathwork Community, they speak to the universal stages we travel through on the spiritual journey and it is helpful to review them from time to time to see how faithful we are currently living our intention to walk a spiritual path.


Stage Two asks us to accept the shared responsibility to participate in creating a world where our interactions are more authentic, honest, loving and life-serving. This requires that we be willing to lovingly confront our brothers and sisters when they are not acting from their highest truth.


Are we willing to risk their anger, disapproval, and even possible rejection in service of Love?


Stage Two also requires that we be open to receiving this confrontation from others. Even if that person’s delivery isn’t completely loving, we are asked to look deeply inside for the grain of truth in what they are saying, rather than use their imperfection as an excuse to maintain our own.


We also become willing to refrain from engaging in gossip, collusion, or the maligning of others. Even those we may consider our enemies. 


Not an easy task in today’s divisive climate, is it?


Actually, this commitment is extremely challenging. Even when we sincerely intend to live faithfully to this ideal, we will inevitably fall short. We may find ourselves engaging in the negative pleasure of criticizing, judging, attacking, and holding the other in contempt. We may separate from the other in the pride of how much better we are. Or, we may avoid challenging others, staying safe in a love mask, choosing our own desire for peace, harmony and connection, betraying ourselves and the other in the process.


The good news is that every time we fall short it is an opportunity to fall back on our commitment to ourselves (and to others), to do our personal work in clearing what obstructs our ability to live from our deepest essence, our divine source. Every effort to serve others serves to highlight where we still need transformation and healing. We are constantly offered opportunities to realize how we need each other to mirror the places we are in distortion. What a blessing!


  • Our greatest nemesis may be our greatest spiritual teacher.
  • Our soul mate may be the one who hurts us most deeply.
  • Our best friend may be the one who makes us the most angry.


We all travel through these stages of our spiritual journey individually and collectively as a community, a society, and as a species. I believe that in our collective journey we are in the process of learning that we cannot continue to survive if we serve only our personal ego-centered interests, and that the road to peace, harmony, and abundance lies in recognizing that we are all connected, and that whatever we do to the least of our brothers and sisters we do to ourselves. This is a painful lesson we are in the midst of, and I believe it is calling each of us who have the consciousness and awareness of our interconnection to strengthen our commitment to the principles of this Second Stage Commitment.


  • How are you already living in service of others, without betraying yourself?
  • How might you need to take self-responsibility to more faithfully live this commitment?
  • Is it possible you are now ready to take this commitment consciously for the first time?


I honor each of you for your efforts in this endeavor. I thank you for the part you are playing to manifest your gifts. I bow to the ways you are facing the negativity in yourself that obstructs your greatest vision.


Together, we can become the change we wish to see in the world. 


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In my next blog post we’ll explore the Stage Three Pathwork Commitment. In the meantime, I’d love to hear any comments you’d like to share about your experience with this commitment.