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Pathwork Profiles: Sharing Our Stories

Pathwork Profiles: Sharing Our Stories

Over the years I have marveled at how Pathwork attracts seekers from a diverse group of cultures, spiritual backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews.

As an international community we are truly a melting pot that expresses both our individuality and our common humanity. Our stories weave us together like threads in a magnificent tapestry, and speak to the core longing we all share as we navigate our unique path on the journey back to union with all of Life. In times of such deep division, I find the International Pathwork Community an oasis of inclusion, tolerance, and rich celebration of differences.

I have decided to feature the stories of various Pathworkers so that we might come together as a community to enrich each other through our shared experience. I hope you enjoy getting to know others in the International Pathwork Community through this online sharing!



Sucheta Jain, Helper Trainee

Chapel Hill, North Carolina                                           

Sucheta’s Advanced Pathwork Studies graduating class at Sevenoaks Retreat Center. She is in the center of the first row.

I have always been very curious about various spiritual paths. Growing up in India spirituality and religion was everywhere.

I learned to be connected to a God or higher power at an early age. That way of connecting was through rituals and reading religious scriptures. I was too young to understand but I was very curious. There was an aspect of devotion to my reading these books at that young age. I felt really good when I spent time with the ritualistic reading and chanting on a daily basis.

As I grew older and got busy with my education and life in general this was not a constant in my life as it had been when I lived at home.  But there was always a need and a desire for something to hold on to, or a solid ground to stand on. I kind of knew that I needed to surrender to the flow of life but could not because my ego had become very strong and I did not know how to surrender. It seemed too scary.

What if whoever I surrender to does not know what I want, or does not do for me what I want?

In 2007 or 2008 I came upon a Pathwork lecture. As I read the lecture I just knew I had to explore this path. I read everything I could find on the internet about Eva and how she channeled this material. I had found what I was looking for, and I joined the Pathwork Transformation Program (PTP) at Sevenoaks in 2009.

When I started I knew I was going all the way. I completed PTP in 2013, continued onto Advanced Pathwork Studies and now I am in second year of Helper Training.

I feel Pathwork has given me an anchor. The teachings help me with a kind of deep, logical guidance that helps me live my life in a trusting, surrendered way. I am not fully there yet but I know I am on the right path.

The thought of reincarnation gives me a very long term perspective of living my day to day life. The idea of self-responsibility and self-awareness is very grounding. It is a slow process because it asks us to do really deep work within ourselves. It is so logical and thoroughly explained by the Pathwork Guide that it appeals to a scientifically trained mind.

The Guide explains how our life is Cause and Effect and when we like or don’t like our life situation, we can look for a cause that we are responsible for. It is so reassuring and helps me know that I can create my life. It has not been an easy path but well worth every minute I have spent.

I cannot imagine living my life any other way.

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